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The Asian American Giving Circle of Greater Houston (AAGC) seeks to shed light on the needs within the Asian Pacific American (APA) community and bring a new source of funding to nonprofits serving APAs in the Greater Houston area. Our strength lies in the power of collective giving. By pooling funds, AAGC members make a more meaningful and effective contribution than they might have individually.

With 17.3 million individuals representing 5.6% of the nation’s population, APAs were the the fastest-growing population in the United States, having grown 46 percent from 2000 to 2010. APAs face growing challenges, including rising poverty rates and a lack of culturally competent providers of physical health care, mental health care, and other critical needs. This population includes more than 47 distinct ethnic groups that speak more than 100 languages and dialects.

Despite the great and growing needs of these groups, support for nonprofits working in to address their challenges is scant, with less than 1% of funding from mainstream sources reaching such groups throughout the country.


The mission of the Asian American Giving Circle of Greater Houston (AAGC) is to encourage philanthropy in the Asian and Pacific American (APA) community, to contribute to the community in a strategic and meaningful way and to bring a new source of funding to nonprofit organizations serving APAs throughout the Greater Houston area.

Our strength lies in our collective giving; by pooling our funds, we make a more effective, powerful impact together than we could through individual contributions. The Giving Circle provides the opportunity to learn about issues, organizations and giving opportunities in the APA community, and aims to pass on a tradition of philanthropy to a new generation.

We have the distinction of being the first Giving Circle in Houston, and the only Circle in Texas dedicated to supporting Asian/Pacific American (APA) needs! The simple idea behind a Giving Circle is that by joining and putting a membership gift into a community pool, we can make a greater impact by providing larger grants than through our individual gifts.

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